5 March, 2014 5 March, 2014

‘Fred’ Unveils His Human-Powered Wavepool In Indo.

While Greg Webber, Kelly Slater and the inventors of Wavegarden dabble with hi-tech solutions, a gentleman named Fred has unveiled his low budget wavepool built last year in Indonesia.

Powered by a bit of elbow grease, ‘Fred’s Wave’ has been installed in a village three hours from the ocean in the middle of Java. It doesn’t generate the grandest waves Indo has to offer, but it does give some of the local kids, many of whom have never been to the beach, a chance to experience ‘stoke’.

And stoked they sure sound. Check Fred’s Wave in action below. The first video shows the half-sized prototype, but displays the hand cranked wave generator, while the second shows the larger version complete with ridable ankle snappers.

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