19 January, 2015 19 January, 2015

Frank Solomon, North Shore Bound!

Since Frank’s back injury, caused by a wipeout at a heavy Irish slab earlier this year, Zagspy has been keeping a hopeful eye on the braced-up charger’s recovery progress – which has been unusually swift! Last Wednesday, after a visit to the men in white coats, an X-ray revealed that Frank was able to break free from the brace and get back in the water.

After eight weeks in a brace and a month ahead of schedule, I can surf again but have to take it slow, said a fired up Frank.

With some of the SA crew already charging Hawaii’s infamous North Shore, Frank hurriedly booked his ticket on Saturday from Los Angeles to Honolulu where he’ll be joining the rest of the Saffa contingent in hopes of getting in on some of the late season action – of which there’s been plenty.

By now, Frank should be safely tucked into a… gaping Pacific cavern.

There’s been major improvements in his injuries, as well as his posture, said Frank.

Frank getting covered up by something round… safe to say he’s in his comfort zone.

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  1. ZULU
    19 January, 2015 at 6:57 am · Reply

    frank who?

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