10 January, 2013 10 January, 2013

First Kelly Slater Designed Wavepool Under Contruction?

First Kelly Slater Designed Wavepool Under Contruction in Texas! Don’t be surprised if in the next couple of weeks we see a headline just like this, as it appears that Kelly and Co are moving swiftly forward with their plans of installing one of their much talked about circular wavepool designs.

Evidence of this can be seen by visiting the once blank Kelly Slater Wave Company website, which up until recently only featured a simple logo and now is a bustling multimedia presentation complete with details of Kelly’s planned escapades into the world of artificial waves. With a partner like Terry Hardy on board, things are likely to happen. Besides being the manager of many of the world’s hottest surfing prospects – like Kelly, Dane and John John, Terry also heads up ZoSea media who’ve taken over the reigns of Pro Surfing. Stay tuned, this could get exciting. See more here>>

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