17 October, 2014 17 October, 2014

Durban Local Guns For ‘World’s Tallest Surfer’ Title

Durban local, Phillip Gandy plans to apply to the Guinness Book of Records to officially be recognised as the world’s tallest surfer. Standing at 2.14m tall barefoot, Phil makes three foot bowls look like ankle snappers – so this record will give him something to claim, since stand-up barrels are few and far between when you’re seven-foot tall.

Phil with surf buddy, Gary Smith (left), and cruising on a 3-foot bowl at North Beach (right).

While he waits to hear back from the officials at Guinness, he has appeared on the front page of Durban’s Daily Witness today (Friday, 17 October).

Phil on the front page of today’s Witness, and with reporter, Rumana Akoob.

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