17 March, 2014 17 March, 2014

Dolphin Head-Butts Bodyboarder On His Birthday

While out for a surf on his birthday this morning, an Australian bodyboarder was head-butted by a dolphin with such force that he thought he’d broken his back. His wetsuit was also ripped straight off by the blow.

Although rare, dolphin/surfer encounters leading to injury do occur and most often it’s accidental.

“Sometimes some of them are a little bit clumsy” explained marine expert Robert Harcourt to Australia’s 7 News. “It (the dolphin) was probably just enjoying the surf as well and swam straight into the guy.”

Despite fears that his ribs were broken by the blow to his abdomen, scans indicate possible internal bruising, but thankfully no broken bones.

Below is the report on 7 News.

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