13 October, 2015 13 October, 2015

Davey Van Zyl Injures Himself Jumping from New Pier

No matter how many times you’ve jumped off the Durban piers over the years, there’s always a chance you can injure yourself badly in your attempt to get to backline. Leashes especially get tangled in the bars and pylons to leave a surfer high-and-dry, but often there’s just not enough water to land into.

“I jumped off the pier at New Pier and hit the sand,” said the WSL Qualifying Series campaigner on Facebook. “It felt like there was no water.”

The injury will no doubt work on his nerves while he thinks about the chances he’ll miss to improve his WSL ranking, but as Twiggy Baker suggested when offering some words of encouragement to Davey yesterday, “injuries can be a good time to get stronger and come back harder!”

We’ll all be hoping that’s the case for the much-liked Durban ripper. And while Davey heals up better and stronger, we can check out his latest video ‘Sword’ by Steven Michelsen to remind us how hard he shreds.

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  1. Neil Hellerle
    13 October, 2015 at 2:10 pm · Reply

    Get well soon charger!

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