17 February, 2014 17 February, 2014

Cape Town To Get A Wavepool?

According to an interview on ASL, legendary Australian board shaper, Greg Webber, announced that his company will be building their first wavepool on Australia’s Gold Coast by September 2015.

Of interest to South Africans was Greg’s answer to the question of whether they would be building more.

“If this is successful, the next two pools will be in South Africa, near Cape Town, and in Florida. Both of those are pretty far along, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing announcements coming out soon.”

Pretty exciting stuff if you’re a Cape Town local, but you’ll have to wait for an official announcement before ordering your wavepool boards from your trusted shaper.

Webber’s pool design appears similar to the concept the Kelly Slater Wave Co. is looking to launch, and the animation looks very much like the popular Wavegarden in Spain’s Basque country, except for the fact that the wave doesn’t stop once it gets to the end of the pool/lake, instead it makes a U-Turn and heads back the other way.

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