12 April, 2013 12 April, 2013

Boeing 737 crash-lands in ocean off Denpasar airport, Bali

Those who’ve flown into Bali before will be familiar with the feeling that you’re going to run out of runway when descending to land. A Lion Air (Indo’s largest airline) Boeing 737 experienced this and more on Friday 12 April, when it overshot the runway and ended up in the ocean nearby one of Bali’s lesser known breaks – Airport Rights. Thankfully, nobody was killed in the crash-landing, but more than twenty of the 108 passengers on board suffered injuries.

The cause of the crash is yet to be determined, but the pilots have passed an initial drug test, so that factor has been ruled out. Experts are now blaming the accident on ‘Wind Shear’, a sudden change in wind direction and speed between different altitudes. Read more here>>

A big airplane on a small day at Airport Rights.

A big airplane on a small day at Airport Rights.

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