20 August, 2014 20 August, 2014

Bodyboarding Banned in New York

This is not a joke, even though Zag Spy thought it was a first. It just didn’t make sense initially that authorities would ban bodyboarding and not surfing. Yet that’s exactly what the New York City parks department did this past week. The action was taken after some kids were washed out to sea while bodyboarding during Hurricane Bertha.

In New York, you’ll no longer be allowed to go for a quick boogie like you can in Ballito.

The new law has received a mixed response, with a few celebrating that the lineups would be less crowded, and others not digging the idea at all.

“I am not a fan of creating laws to protect people from themselves.” commented JF on Surfer’s report on the ban. “Laws are supposed to protect people from being victims, not to protect people from being stupid.”

Another commenter, Remnar, got straight to the point. “Fucking stupid,” he posted. “People should be allowed to endanger their lives in any fun way they want to.”

Local news agency the Rockaway Times has more about the new law.

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  1. Johnny Valentine
    20 August, 2014 at 7:06 pm · Reply

    I will break the law in a heartbeat!I will,if given the chance,El Rollo in front of the fat beach cops.

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