15 September, 2014 15 September, 2014

Billabong Shed the Load on J-Bay’s Beaches

Last Thursday, Billabong put their load shedding downtime to good use by organising a beach clean-up while the power was out.


Instead of pacing around the office, wandering what to do while productivity decreased proportionately to the office’s energy consumption, the entire team made like Captain Planet, split into two teams, and meticulously made their way along the shelly shore-line.


“We had a Billabong company beach clean-up day yesterday in J-Bay,” said Billabong’s Marketing Manager, Chad D’Arcy to Zag Spy on Friday.

“There was a scheduled power outage so we got all the staff together and split them into two teams – green and orange. One team started at Kabeljous and the other team started at Kitchen Windows. Both teams then walked the beach collecting trash and we all met in the Supertubes car park for a company braai and get together.”





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