12 April, 2013 12 April, 2013

Animal activists claim ‘Mass Dog Killings’ ahead of ISA World Masters

In what could be the only blemish in an otherwise epic event, a group of animal activists called for the cancellation of the ISA World Masters at Montanita, Ecuador, after claiming local government were involved in ‘mass dog killings’ in clean-up operations ahead of the eight-day tournament.

According to a petition launched by the animal lovers, the Government of the Province of Santa Elena (under which the town of Montanita falls) gave order for the removal of all dogs off the beaches at the event site. The captured dogs were reportedly taken to a dump outside the city (with the eery name of Nariz del Diablo), where they were left to fend for themselves without food, shelter or water. The activists considered this a death sentence and have reported that the dogs are now nowhere to be seen.

Their petition obviously did not result in the cancellation of the event as Team Hawaii clinched gold and Team SA the runner-up spot in an incredible contest at a dog-free beach.

a tweeted picture from @domeome on the ISA instagram page alerting followers of the 'dog killings' ahead of the ISA World Masters.

a tweeted picture from @domeome alerting followers of the ‘dog killings’ ahead of the ISA World Masters.


  1. Heidi
    1 October, 2013 at 10:39 am · Reply

    After thousands for people signed the petition, how could they go ahead with the Surfing competition? How can this dreadful and gruesome treatment of dogs be tolerated? Shame on you Montanita, shame on you Ecuador. I won’t go near a country that treats animals in this way. Tourists boycott Ecuador!

  2. Tony
    1 October, 2013 at 10:47 am · Reply

    PLEASE HELP: Volunteer veterinary students please offer your services in Montanita, Ecuador, they need help desperately. There is no veterinary clinic and injured dogs in the streets from motorcycles/cars running into them and paws getting cut on glass bottles in the streets, or injuries from fireworks, and gaping wounds. There is no help for them and the dogs are suffering.

    Neutering is needed as there are always more puppies.


    If you’re an animal lover your help is needed urgently in Montanita, Ecuador
    -to educate the locals on how to treat their animals.

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