9 July, 2013 9 July, 2013

Adin Jeenes Gets ‘Tailed’ by Shark in the Southern Cape

Reports have been coming in from all over the Southern and Eastern Cape of increased shark activity at a number of beaches. Besides Kevin Bracey’s very close encounter recently at Queensberry Bay, Southern Cape ripper Adin Jeenes was also ‘tailed’ by a large Great White as he tried to make his way to shore after spotting the behemoth during a surf on Sunday.

Adin’s terrifying account can be read below:

“It was the perfect morning at GV, and there were some nice 4-6ft barrels in the light offshore, with crystal clear warm water – all in all prime conditions.

I was lying on my board facing out to sea, and as I turned to Waldo – who was about 10m on the beach side of me – I froze as a HUGE Great White slowly cruised under me, so close I could have touched it if I stretched out my arm. After waiting a few moments I then briskly paddled diagonally to the beach in the opposite direction to that which the shark was swimming.

Waldo said its fin then broke the surface as it came within about 5m of him, as I turned and steadily paddled and gestured towards Sean, Juri and a few others about 30m away.

I was too scared to look behind me, but when I saw Sean’s face go from panic to PANIC!!! I realized I was in trouble. Luckily I got a wave in, and Sean then informed me that it had actually done a u-turn and was following me with both dorsal and tail fin breaking the surface.

It was an awesome yet terrifying experience to be so close to such a majestic giant in such clear water. If she was hungry she would’ve eaten me, so I presume she was just inquisitive and showed no signs of aggression.

This whole experience is not really a surprise considering where I was surfing…”

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