24 May, 2013 24 May, 2013

7 Nights of Island Vibes & 7 Days of Crazy Waves – Zag Spy’s going to Reunion.

Manu Chao and one of the world’s funnest left reefbreaks – what’s not to like about SAKIFO, an annual music festival on Reunion Island?

Zag Spy can’t see a darn thing wrong with that (besides the part where he’ll have to keep his toes up after reporting about a recent shark attack off the island), so he’s taking advantage of a crazy offer of 7 nights of island vibes and 7 days of crazy waves for just R9900, which includes flights and accommodation.

Other acts performing at SAKIFO are Cody ChestnuTT and Salif Keita, amongst many others.

Cheers okes, Zag Spy is going on holiday. If you want to join him, find out more here>>


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