Check in to the Zigzag Travel portal every week for updates. We’ll be showcasing the best waves both home and away, when to hit it, as well as our special insider info and tips.

Pit Stops – Local

From the weskus to the east coast, starting on either end of the country and meeting in the middle, we feature a comprehensive guide to SA’s waves.

Snake Park

The Durban beachfront has changed. The old Snake Park is gone. But the waves still continue to the shore at Snake. To be honest Snake Park is often terrible. Yet it has some sort of allure to the locals who surf there a lot.

Pit Stops – Global

Waves you should surf before you peg! Check in regularly for our latest breakdown on the world’s dream waves.

Rifles, Mentawaii

Rifles on its day must be rated in the top five waves in the world. It is perfect, hollow and VERY VERY LONG. But this right hand point break does not deliver very often and easily gets blown out, as it is situated on the outside corner of Karangmajet Island.