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Thule Strävan Daypack Review

Our Ad Sales Guru Mark Bester tested out the Thule Strävan Daypack and came to the conclusion that it is the backpack of all backpacks to become the most organised version of yourself and to accommodate work, play and surf.
Check out what Mark had to say…

Thule Strävan Daypack
When I decided to work in the surf industry, the picture in my head of being able to work on the beach and plan my days around the tides and swell was certainly appealing. However, this ideal couldn’t be further from the truth, as I find myself grabbing that needed surf therapy only when my diary allows – just like most other jobs. The busier life gets and the harder the hustle becomes, the more I find myself spending my time commuting to meetings, travelling between home and the office, with the only chance of a surf before or after the day begins and ends – meaning more things to carry around and have on hand when needed. So I’ve found myself investing in items that allow me to combine the two necessities of work and pleasure in the best and most organised way.
Enter the Thule Strävan Daypack.
The first time I laid my eyes on this piece of luggage, the vision of a more organised self came to mind straight away.
Boasting a 25 year warranty and the quality reputation the Swedish brand comes with, I wanted to to put it to the test myself and see if the R1899.00 price tag is worth the investment.
This backpack is made of durable, water-resistant 500D nylon with TPE backing and water-resistant YKK zippers. Your stuff is not only protected against rain when packed inside, but also against damage: the backpack features a padded, dedicated compartment that protects both a 15″ MacBook Pro and an iPad. The MacBook compartment is lined for superior bumper protection. And to be sure that very fragile stuff such as your sunglasses or cellphone are kept safe, use the crush-proof SafeZone compartment which can also be removed to create extra space if needed. The bag is also incredibly lightweight and utilises space well.
I used to have a larger backpack to carry my daily essentials around, which was perfect for commuting on overnight trips, but when it was used as a day-to-day bag, it was a bit bulky and empty most of the time. I feel the Strävan bag has positioned itself as the perfect day bag, which fits surprisingly more items than it would seem due to the the wise design of each compartment, allowing more and keeping it organised.
The one feature that was marketed to me that I didn’t think I would find use for was the bottom straps allowing for a yoga mat. Not being a yoga junkie myself and not visualising myself arriving in the office with my yoga mat strapped to the bottom of my bag, I strapped these up nice and tight to keep them out the way and to be forgotten about. Alas… being caught in the rain is not fun – especially when there is no need for the now drenched jacket you have to carry around once the rain has stopped. No problem, all you need to do is roll it up and strap it on. These straps have also come in use when the bag is full and my hands haven’t been available as they easily allow extra luggage to be strapped on. As previously mentioned, the Strävan daypack is waterproof, which not only kept everything inside dry but also allowed me to carry soaking clothes or a wet towel around comfortably and neatly without wetting anything else in my bag.
The shoulder straps of the bag are well crafted and easily adjusted to ensure ultimate comfort no matter how heavy the load that you are carrying is. They mould to your shoulders and include a chest strap in case you will be walking for a lengthy period, keeping the bag in place and correctly fitted to your build.
As mentioned above, the well thought out design with the different compartments have allowed me to keep a surf-dedicated compartment. So I always have spare fins, wax and a spare leash on hand and these don’t interfere with the rest of my gadgets or stationary I use for work.
So if I run into problems at that sneaky “board meeting” I’m having, I know I have spares on me all the time.
So congratulate yourself, because you just found the ultimate contemporary commuter daypack with dedicated technology storage, that expands or compresses to accommodate a variety of gear.
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