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Incredible Waves – An Appreciation of Perfect Surf (Hardcover Book)


Format: Hardbook
Pages: 144 Pages
Size: 280mm (w) x 220mm (h)
Illustrations: More than 90 colour photographs
Retail Price: R 366.00
Editor: Chris Powers
Publisher: Orca Publications
Where to Order: exclus1ves.co.za or shop.carvemag.com

Beautiful, unique, kaleidoscopic, geometrically exquisite…perfect waves are some of Mother Nature’s most alluring and mesmerising creations. Incredible Waves is a coffee-table book of photographs that captures the beauty and majesty of the world’s most awesome waves. It is a collection of the best recent work by 28 top surf photographers including Clarke Little, Brian Bielmann, Chris Burkard, Mickey Smith, Alan van Gysen, Russel Ord, Tim McKenna and Andrew Shield. Among the most spectacular shots are images of big-wave breaks such as Pipeline, Cloudbreak, Teahupoo, Shipsterns Bluff and Dungeons – waves which are as dangerous as they are enticing, for photographers as well as surfers.


The photos are accompanied by essays, insight from pro surfers, plus a discussion about current trends in surf photography with Chris Burkard, Alan van Gysen, Russel Ord, Mickey Smith and Brian Bielmann.

Readers interested in improving their own photographic skills will benefit from the technique sections at the back of the book which offers tips and advice for getting better shots. Lineup shots, telephoto shots and water shots are all covered, along with tips for getting the best from miniature POV cameras such as the Go Pro.

Of particular interest to South Africans are the stories behind the photographs such as Dale Staples’ GoPro Zigzag cover photograph, Jean Tresfon’s Slab photograph of James Taylor, Alan van Gysen’s Namibia heli-view of Craig Anderson and a number of other South African gems and quotes by the likes of Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker. It is the perfect gift for any surfer, photographer or surf lover.


Incredible Waves is a tribute to the beauty and power of the ocean at its most spectacular.

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