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ISURUS Alpha Elite 232

  • Perfect for the coast from Durban to J-Bay and specifically designed for those long point break paddles
  • Isurus’s Exoskeleton Muscle Support System
    works to help reduce fatigue while the Forward Propulsion System increases drag
  • Both features that make Isurus the world leader in extended paddle technology


ISURUS Alpha Elite 434

  • Available with or without a hood and designed for water temperatures from J-Bay to Cape Town
  • The 434 uses Compression Technology, lined with a specially woven material that helps get oxygen rich blood to your muscles quicker
  • Allowing you to surf stronger, stay warmer
    and perform better
  • Specifically designed panels absorb and retain
    heat and block wind chill

HOODED – R7000

ISURUS Alpha Evade 454

  • The ultimate wetsuit for the coldest days in
    Cape Town and up the West Coast.
  • The 454 carries all the same advancements along with our insulated Thermal Wind Repellant Hood
  • All Isurus Compression Wetsuits are made from 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, considered the world’s best, which absorbs less water, keeping you lighter, warmer and surfing longer