14 June, 2021 14 June, 2021

Zigzag 45.3 – Sneak Peek

Zigzag 45.3 – The Make or Break Issue – is out now! Available via courier, in post boxes and on the shelves of your favourite surf shops, coffee shops, airports and primo coastal Spars, Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay and more… Or just buy it now, here.

This is what you can expect between the pages.

Mined Surf – There’s a battle raging for the heart and soul of the beloved and wave-rich Weskus. Mining companies are ripping up large tracts of pristine coastline in search of commodities in the name of jobs and ‘development’.

Made in SA – Get inspired by a collection of South African surf-inspired creativity as a response to that ol’ pervasive existential dread, featuring painting, making tunes, making alaias, forging knives and sharing surfing with da groms.

Night and Day – Dig the cover? That’s the result of photographer Pierre de Villiers spending many hours in the brine with a flash and an idea, at dusk or dawn in quite a sharky neighbourhood…

Irreversible Bikini – How two small pieces of fabric have shaped contemporary surf culture, for better or worse.

Behind the Peak – A brief history of Sunset Reef in Cape Town and the making of a big wave legacy.

Rules are Rules, Brah – A story about life, PE and that time Ken Bradshaw took a bite out of a local school teacher’s surfboard.

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