19 May, 2020 19 May, 2020

[WATCH] PC, Greg Emslie on #thelockdown

Join IN as 3 legends of South African surfing talk about lockdown, the 90’s heyday of SA surfing, the hunger required to make the tour and how traveling in packs is essential on tour!

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  1. Captain Carparkjohn
    19 May, 2020 at 3:22 pm · Reply

    Kai-yoooowh ….lekka interview brodah.

    Blast from the past and many new Billo wrinkles involved with these fellas.

    Byster has that ozzy word quota down.

    PC is the industry machine.

    Foot froth a lot is still being chased out of the water by hungry sharks at Qbay.


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