27 March, 2018 27 March, 2018

Tuffy Clean Your Beach #76

As far as entries go this is a cool story, showing how treating the cause may be better than treating the symptom.

“A few weeks ago I had a lengthy chat with my son. He came to me and explained that he knows how important it is to clean up his own litter but he shouldn’t have to pick up anyone else’s litter. I tried, for quite a fair amount of time, to explain to my 5-year-old that he really should clean up other people’s litter. He insisted the whole time that everyone should clean up their own. I explained that he is actually right but not everyone has been taught that lesson and that God would be very proud if he helped out.”


“After a while, I ended the conversation thinking I had not gotten through to him. Little did I know that he was actually learning. Now everywhere we go I find him picking up all the litter. One day at PWC club in Durban a lady came up to me and asked if he was my son. She then told me that she watched him pick up a whole lot of litter while all the other kids were playing. A proud moment indeed. So when we came across this competition I knew we just had to enter. My son had a blast doing it. We cleaned up Tinley manor beach.”

“We have decided that we will be carrying a bag with us and whenever we find litter we will be doing our own little cleanup. Thank you for the great initiative. It came at such a good time for us. Something my son will probably carry with him always.”


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