18 January, 2018 18 January, 2018

Throwback Thursday – Stuart Fowles

This weeks Throwback Thursday comes from Stuart Fowles, step into his time machine as he takes us back to May 2014.

“Recently I pulled out all my big wave boards in an attempt to get back into the swing of things, at the same time I was feeling nostalgic whilst going through some old photos. Some of us out there may remember 29/05/2014 the day the surfing world went to Namibia while Twiggy and Mike surfed Dungeons.  I had just received a 10′ board that I had ordered directly from Twig.  When I saw the swell on the charts I decided I was going to make a trip towards the Cape.”

“After sending some of the known big wave surfers a message for a clue as for where to surf, Twig was the only one to reply.  Although I was desperate to get to Dungeons, he suggested somewhere else.  Anyway, a mate and I drove through the night from East London hoping to get Dungeons but after sitting on Chapman’s Peak for an hour or two looking through the binos it looked really slow, so we decided to take Twigs advice and got kicking. We arrived at a spot expecting crowds but to our surprise, there wasn’t a soul in sight. My mate had a stuffed shoulder so he couldn’t surf but ended up getting some pretty sick sequences.” 

Photographer: Grant Godfrey / Surfer: Stuart Fowles / Location: Western Cape

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