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The Zigzag Durban Surf Pro pres by G-Force

So the City Surf Series is (almost) halfway done. Three contests down, four to go. And we’re well on our way to crowning a champion of the series. We’ve seen some outstanding performances thus far. Up next we have the Zigzag Durban Surf Pro presented by G-Force. Which is pretty damn dope. I mean, I don’t wanna blow smoke up anyone’s ass here, but it’s pretty sick seeing a surf mag and a shaper get behind SA surfing. And I say SA cause SA surfers are the ones to benefit (mostly) from these QS 1000’s.

The first three events of the City Surf Series weren’t without dramas. Drop-ins, brawls, the events were exciting. But beyond that, there were a couple standouts. Guys we didn’t expect, guys who came outta nowhere, and groms who became men. 

#GetWoke, here’s who to watch at the Durban Surf Pro.

Coming in Blazing:

— Jordy Maree —

We have mentioned this countless times, but Jordy emerged on the 2018 City Surf Series a grom who became a man. He came 3rd in PE, won Port Alfred against a very inform Australian, Jordy Lawler and made the round before semis in Slum Town. I remember, in particular, witnessing Jordy Maree belt a wave at Nahoon Reef. A solid six foot double up roll in, out the back at Nahoon Reef. Jordy faded the takeoff, set his rail, and bottom turned for what felt like days, straight into the guts of the wave, gave that wave one big uppercut to the face and free fell back into the trough. A ballsy turn. A man turn. A turn that was under-appreciated, by the judges (in my opinion), and Jordy’s colleagues on the beach. But a turn that displayed Jordy’s commitment to the cause. Not willing to go for cheap off the tops to acquire scores. But willing to put it all on the line, willing to hold the rail, willing to take the risk. 

— Nicole Pallet —

In round 2 of the Mitchum Buffalo City Surf Pro Nicole strung together one of the waves of the contest. Three filthy jabs to the lip for a straight 9.00. She went from one turn to the next. No bobbles in between. Belting it hard as she could. Lawyer power suit kinda stuff. She probably would’ve taken out half the men with that wave! Nicole went on to win the event displaying some of the best surfing we’d seen from the women’s department the entire City Surf Series thus far. We’re frothing to see what Nicole drops around her hometown. 

Dark Horse

— Diran Zikarian —

Diran dropped off the scene for a while, disappeared for a touch. Played a bit of ‘hide and go seek’ with the surf scene. But Diran is back. And he’s badass. He surfs with a certain amount of arrogance. An air of confidence in himself. Unperturbed. Un-rushed. Doing things in his own time. And damn, it suits him. In East London, Diran lost out to the inform surfer of the event, Matty McG. And he forced Matt to surf one of the waves of the contest to knock him out. Diran’s backhand is entertaining to watch. It ain’t repetitive, and he approaches the lip slightly differently each time, sliding the fins with ease. With a hot air game, we’re excited to see what Diran brings to the table at the Zigzag pro.  

Photographer: Neil Hellerle/ Surfer: Dan Redman

Blast From the Past

— Dan Redman —

Durban surf city has tons of old school shredders that have retired from full-time competition but love to throw their hats in the ring when the opportunity presents itself. Dan Redman’s one of those men. Dan did the Q for many years and didn’t quite crack the CT nod, but damn, Dan has a superb backhand. And it only gets better as the surf gets bigger. Dan’s one of those guys who probably would’ve done really well on tour but just couldn’t surf the crap waves required to get there. Regardless, Dan shreds, and it’ll be a treat to see how the current crop of top South African’s compare to the old guard shredders. 

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