30 July, 2013 30 July, 2013

‘Surf Fans’ Riot Following Final of US Open at Huntington Beach

A riot broke out in Huntington Beach following the final of the US Open of Surfing, which was contested by Californian Kolohe Andino and Brazil’s Alejo Muniz.

The riot started with a row of porta-loos getting vandalised (see video), before escalating into a full-on mess that ended up with shops getting looted and the authorities needing to call in re-inforcements.

Mainstream media was of course quick to label the rioters ‘surf fans’, but with the US Open of Surfing surrounded by a full schedule of side shows – like music gigs and skateboarding events – maybe it was the skateboarders? Or the Rock fans? Maybe even Al Qaeda?

Or maybe it’s because of the fact that surf fans have a history of riots in Huntington Beach – the 1986 US Open also ending with a loud bang, when rioters overturned police vehicles and ransacked a lifeguard tower.

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