27 January, 2018 27 January, 2018

Dereck Horlock Wins Striped Horse Challenge

The Striped Horse Challenge presented by Zigzag in association with Hurricane Surf has officially come to a close with the awards dinner taking place last night which saw Josh Redman take how the prize for the biggest beating and Derek Horlock take home the title as The Striped Horse Challenge 2017 winner. From everyone involved, we would all like to give a massive YEEEEEW, to you Derek on your well deserved win. 

Derek, no doubt with a pimping walk, left the awards dinner last night with a return flight to Hawaii courtesy of Zigzag, R30 000 cash from Striped Horse, R30 000 worth of accessories and surfboards from Hurricane Surf, plus R10 000 will go to his ballie Peter Horlock who captured the ride. Just to recap on both Josh and Derek’s epic rides here they are bellow

Beating of the challenge:
Josh Redman
Winning wave of The Striped Horse Challenge:
Derek Horlock
 Striped Horse, Zag and Hurricane would also like to congratulate all the other finalists from the night: Grant Twig Baker, Michael February, Josh Redman and Davey Van Zyl. Till next time, FROTH ON!  

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