16 January, 2018 16 January, 2018

Striped Horse Challenge – December Winner

Yew, what a month it was to bring about a wrap to the 2017 edition of the Striped Horse Challenge, presented by Zigzag in association with Hurricane surf. Whilst some of us were sucking back Striped Horse bezza’s and lining up for seconds at the numerous family gatherings that are synonymous with the festive season, others were searching for mistletoe under a different kind of lip. There were waves a plenty in the rear-view of 2017, and whilst the judges swapped their paper christmas cracker crowns for their surf critic caps, you the readers have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the December winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over and the judges have spoken:

Alan Van Gysen: Scott Venter at Cave Rock
“This one is nuts. It’s close, but I think bring in your backhand, the size and rawness of the wave, this one of Scott gets my vote. On the wire!”
Jonathan Paarman: Brendon Gibbens
I know all about the Hoek at that size with so much wind blowing up the face. You think the drop is the hardest part but then you realise how far behind the curtain you are and you just have to pull in and drive. You can see how much power the wave is packing from how high he is launched when kicks out at the end of the ride.”
Paul Canning: Davey Van Zyl – Double Barrel
“I really like the commitment Davey shows in the late take off as well as the amount of speed he generates off the first bottom turn to set up a nice, deep, well ridden barrel. The second bonus barrel actually ends up being deeper and longer than the first! Davey’s surfing is sharp, precise and responsive and gets my vote this month.” 
Ettiene Buys: Davey Van Zyl – Double Barrel
“This one is the winner. The double barrel just got it for me over the others. Dale Staples over the foam ball was a close second. Davey is pretty deep on both barrels and just driving through it.”
Greg Emslie: Davey Van Zyl – Double Barrel
Video: Calvin Thompson/ Surfer: Davey Van Zyl/ Location: East Coast
Davey will receive R1000 worth of Hurricane accessories, a case of beer from Striped Horse and gets placed in the running for the grand prize. Speaking of grand prizes, who’s gonna take it all? The winner is set to be announced on the 26th of January, at the Striped Horse Bar – Muizenberg. Davey will be facing off against the rest of the monthly winners Twiggy, Mikey February, Derek Horlock and Josh Redman. Missed their winning waves, no worries cuzzie, just hit a young scroll down the page and see their waves of consequence. 
As mentioned before, the judge’s decision is final and only one will stand as the overall top dog as they jet off on a return ticket to Hawaii with R30 000 cash in hand along with some new gear worth R30 000 from Hurricane! Just like those nights where you swear you only having one more beer, it doesn’t stop there. The photographer/videographer pulling off James Bond type manoeuvres to get the shot, will pocket a crisp stack of Madiba’s matching R10 000. 

 Video:  Marck Botha/ Surfer: Josh Redman/ Location: The Rock

 Video: Gareth Kaatze/ Surfer: Twiggy Baker/ Location: Sunset

 Video: Peter Horlock/ Surfer: Derek Horlock/ Location: KZN South Coast

Click the image to view full sequence.

Photographer: Grant Scholtz/ Surfer: Mikey February/ Location: Down The Beach



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