1 December, 2017 1 December, 2017

Should’ve Been Here An Hour Ago

Davey Van Zyl and Mikey February are competing in the Vans World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach, Hawaii. And if you haven’t heard, the waves yesterday were HUGE. Massive. Open face, wild wooly Sunset Beach. The kinda waves you look at, and then decline, to rather enjoy a delightful flat white at your local bean roasting coffee shop. But the boys have taken to wild wooly Sunset like a garden snail to your grandmother’s vegetable patch.  

Riding a yellowed old faithful, Davey’s surfing has been electrifying. His rails cut through that bumpy Sunset wall like a sushi blade through a fresh slice of tuna. We just adore DVZ’s surfing. When he opens up those arms midway through those filthy carves, it’s like he’s welcoming the judges to throw him a good score. 


And Mfeb, damn girlfriend! Mfeb’s first turn on his first wave of his round 2 heat was so stylish, apparently Craig Anderson subsequently tore off all the FORMER stickers on his boards, sold his shares to Dane Reynolds, threw away his (disgusting) Hypto Krypto and returned to Blue Water Bay to live out the rest of his days.



Jordy Smith will be surfing in heat 16 of round 3. And we hope he’s still infuriated from his early losses in Europe, and he beats those Sunset walls like he mauled Trestles a coupla weeks prior.

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