24 April, 2020 24 April, 2020

Rock Your Soul

Amaza Surf Images’ second full-length surf vid was called Rock your Soul and released on VHS everywhere in 1999.

“With plenty of Cape Town footage in video 1, we decided to go spend time in Durbs and the Coast and catch up with all that hot talent.” Says videographer Neil Webster. “We also hung out at the Gunston 500, which shows you how big a gig it was. Punters, stores, traders, and lank jols. Young Travis Logie and Davey Weare showing why they made the CT. I also sold some advertising on this video to help pay for a trip to Durban and to pay for the editing.

The J-bay segment is crazy the surf cranked for days. Slater had hair and the ladies scored the best waves. Derek Hynd shows off his twin fin style.

“The final section is from the Cape with some early tow sessions from the Sunset tow team of Pierre du Plessis and Glen Bee.”

Watch the whole vid here.

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