12 April, 2018 12 April, 2018

Quobba Fins to Revolutionise Surfing

Two Aussie surfing chomma who have put in almost 40 years of graft researching and reworking design after redesign after redesign have developed a fin which they believe will revolutionise the world of surfing. Glenn Miller and Wayne Blakeney are set to unveil their creation at the Margaret River Pro. The Quobba fins — get their name from an Aboriginal word meaning “first” or “best” are designed to give board riders more speed and greater flexibility on the wave. The inspiration behind the design, like most kiff things in life, comes from nature where they were inspired by the fastest fish in the ocean (sailfish which can reach speeds of more than 100 kmph). So if you have 230 Aussie dollars (R 2,100) lying around why not see what all the hype is about. The reason behind the rather steep price? Well, Glenn and Wayne have sunk more or less $2.5 million into the project. Let us know your thoughts.

“The primary focus of Quobba fins technology is to make surfboards go faster. Quobba fins are made from an ultra-strong high-performance polymer. They are lighter, faster with high flex and offer incredible hold through turns. On the flow diagram, it shows low pressure is formed around the Quobba fins. As a result, low pressure in front of the fin draws the surfboard strongly forward, effectively increasing speed.”


Introducing Quobba Fins from Quobba 


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