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Our Boys at the Vans US Open of Surfing

The second QS 10 000 event of the year, the US Open of Surfing, is upon us. Points galore. And all championship tour hopefuls have flocked to Huntington Beach in the hope of raking some of them points to add to their collective tally. We’re not too bothered about all of ‘em other nationalities. We’re mostly concerned with our Saffa boys heading down there. And best believe, they’re coming in hot.  So let’s take a sneaky peak at who’s endured the long flight over to the shores of the Trump governed kingdom in search of QS points.


Beyrick De Vries

Beyrick seemed to be having a pleasurable time ever since he boarded the flight to Trump’s shores. If you follow him on Instagram, you’d witness a telling tale via his Insta stories of been upgraded to Business Class and hanging out with Filipe Toledo’s blond mop. He seems comfortable. At ease. And as a travelling competitor, being at ease is probably an underrated emotion to possess.

Beyrick’s a light-footed surfer who enjoys the pocket and he’s done well at Huntington beach before. Let’s see if he can make those stylish straight airs work for him again at Huntington Beach.

Beyrick and another delicious straight air. Image: WSL/Cestari

Matthew McGillivary

I was talking to some homie the other day that knew little about surfing, and he was saying that Matt has always been a physically strong kid since a young age. And it shows in Matt’s surfing. He surfs like a man, blitzing sections, never holding back. Matt hasn’t had a stellar start to the 2017 season, but damn he shreds. If he can work out some of his heat technicalities, he’ll smoke homies at the US Open of Surfing. And for years to come.

Matty Mc G might not have had the start to the year he’s wanted, but we’re just WAITING for him to blow up. Image: WSL/Thurtell

Mikey February

Mikey’s not on fire, he is the fire, that’s so cheesy. And we’re sorry. But someone has to be cheesy in a world where everyone’s tryna look cool. Straight off a 3rd place at the last QS 10 000, a coupla QS 1000 wins and a wildcard entry into the Corona Open J-Bay, Mfeb has officially become one of those guys in a heat, you just don’t wanna draw.

Mfeb surfs Muizenberg like it’s a cranking point break and has a wild good backhand attack, two qualities that will fair well for him at Huntington Beach. We can’t wait for his heats (plural).

That afro might be small, but it fears no man. Image: WSL/ Lallande

The Vans US Open of Surfing will be taking place from July 31 to August 6. 

You can follow all action here

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