12 April, 2021 12 April, 2021

Nic von Rupp – Come With Us

After years of chasing all the varieties of big waves (monsters, slabs, deep, heavy tubes) mixed up with the odd QS grovel and the usual Indo missions, Nic von Rupp is pulling focus on a new goal. At the tender age of 30 years old, he’s focused on becoming the best big wave rider in the world. (Has someone told Twiggy?) To document the process, keep us informed and his sponsors (Monster Energy and Hurley) stoked, Nic has just released his Come With Us series. Considering the kinds of waves he’s into, that’s something most of us don’t really want to do…

“When the wave stands up so tall behind you, it erases the sunlight… and that’s when the shadow overtakes you. It’s the Monster behind you… you’re very close to the Danger Zone.”

Watch the video below. And check the gallery by the inimitable Alan van Gysen below.


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