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Nelson Mandela Surf Pro – Day 1

So instead of doing a daily write-up of action that went down at the VW Nelson Mandela Surf Pro presented by Billabong, we decided to do a daily list. A list of individuals that inspired us. A list of homies that killed. These homies may not have won their heats, they may have gotten interferences, they may have lost or they may have won. But we’re concentrating on those individuals that blew our hair back. That inspired us in any way by their surfing. So without further ado, do enjoy List One of the City Surf Series.

Jezza Van Wyk

Jerry Van Wyk from J-bay went on a tear on day one of the VW Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Pro presented by Billabong (what a mouth full). His backhand is explosive and quick. Like dynamite. Once he nails one good crack, he’ll fire-cracker away three more blitz attacks on the lip. His surfing fits delightfully well into the tight bowls at Pipeline and creates opportunity on waves that offer very little. Hopefully, he can get his priority errors worked out, cause from here on out, there ain’t space for priority blunders.

Jezza Van Wyk – dark horse of the day! Image: Thurtell


Liam De Villiers

Liam De Villiers is a fairly undercover operator. If you aren’t an avid follower of SA junior surfing or if you aren’t from Richards Bay, chances are, you probably haven’t heard of the kid. But his surfing is top class. He plays on instinct, choosing the perfect manoeuvre for the section. He flows from one turn to the next without hindrance, no rail bogging, no unnecessary wiggles, just smooth surfing. Like that charming guy, you know whose conversation flows seamlessly and without jumble. One minute you’re being charmed, next minute you’re investing a large sum of money into some business you’ve never heard of. Such is Liam’s surfing, it’ll charm you into investing. He got an interference and lost his heat, but who cares, we dig his surfing.


Zoe Steyn

Zoe Steyn’s got a mean backhand. She winds that thing up and belts it off the lip. Pipeline was particularly difficult during her heat. The tide had risen and the waves were nuggety and closing out on the beach. But Zoe powered through, not changing her approach. Gathering speed where and when she could and smoked the lip harder than anyone. We wish the waves had opened up for Zoe, cause we would’ve been in for an absolute treat watching her destroy the lip. The team here at Zag almost whipped out a couple camping chairs, erected an umbrella, grabbed a notebook and jotted down some notes to improve our backhand whips. 


Jordy Maré

There’s nothing better than watching a boy’s surfing turn into a man’s surfing. One minute their turns look kinda grommy, next, they look like MEN. Like freakin’ men with chest hair and axes chopping down trees and shooting wild boar to feed their family. Jordy Maree showed us today in heat 3 of round 2 that he’s no longer a grom. He’s a man. And after he made a few priority errors to begin his heat, the voice of reason, Chris Bond (his coach) came to mind and he chose great waves which allowed him to open up and show how his surfing has matured. Deep bottom turns to big off-the-lips. We can’t wait to see how Jordy progresses through competition.

What’s the time? #MANHOUR. Image: Ian Thurtell



Much like Jordy Marée, DVZ’s (Dave Van Zyl) surfing is pure man. On land, he’s the friendliest happy-go-lucky man you’ll have the pleasure of meeting. He’s all smiles. If you’re bummed, just go hang out with DVZ, he’ll turn that frown upside down. But his surfing ain’t happy. It’s mean. It commands respect. DVZ eased his way through his heat, gathering scores without issue. Fresh off a great Hawaiian season, DVZ ain’t afraid. And this ain’t the Banzai, it’s just Pipe, PE. DVZ’s comfortable as a fish in water, and we’re predicting we’ll see him deep in the draw.

DVZ eased his way to a heat win. Image: Ian Thurtell


Scroll down and delight yourself in a gallery and video from day one’s action.



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