16 January, 2019 16 January, 2019

Hold the Phone: PE Just Got Waves

Port Elizabeth, not exactly the first place you think about when waves are on the brain. Well, the cities Pince Charming, Kody McGregor, reached out to us this morning to shove some tasty treats in our face framing Millers in one helluva good light!! It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s beautiful!

Millers on Monday was firing pretty much all day, I paddled out in the morning and it was still small and within 20 minutes was double overhead and just running from the top of the point all the way down to the beach. I don’t think we’ve seen millers like this in a very long time! I rushed home to grab my gear to shoot but by the time I got back the best of it was over. I believe guys were getting properly barrelled on the end section. I still managed to get some shots from the day, the photos really don’t do it justice at all, but it was really a special day!  – Kody McGregor


  1. Josh Chipps
    16 January, 2019 at 3:13 pm · Reply

    Hi. Any chance I can get the original shot of me? I was surfing the yellow fish with the cap. Shot!
    Josh Chipps.

    • zigzag
      23 January, 2019 at 8:12 am · Reply

      Howzit mate, best bet would be to get a hold of the photog Kody McGregor, you can find him on Facebook

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