12 January, 2018 12 January, 2018

Mayhem in Mundaka with Aritz Aranburu

Tucked away in the little autonomous community of Basque Country, northern Spain, lies a hidden left hand gem – Mundaka. Beyond being possibly the best river mouth wave in the world, thanks to its long triangular sandbank,  Mundaka has the ability to put you deep inside the barrel of your dreams. The wave tends to suck up hard, creating steep and testing take offs that land you straight in the pit with water arching overhead. But be careful, the wave at Mundaka needs strong S-SW winds with a low incoming tide, try surf out of this time and you run the almost certain risk of getting caught inside a pumping rip. 

On January 1st 2018, Neptune saw it fit to produce some cooking waves up in Basque Country. Waiting in the shadows and ready to collect on his blessings was Aritz Aranburu who scored some truly outrageous waves. Aritz, who went through somewhat of a transitional phase last year, is gunning to get back into top flight competitive surfing whilst traveling and making us jelly with his free surfing videos. 

Treat yourself to the madness that kicked off 2018 in Mundaka! 



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  1. Martin Groppo
    12 January, 2018 at 1:28 pm · Reply

    Just blew up my mind.

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