18 August, 2016 18 August, 2016

Make Waves Of Change In East London

Breathing in that salty air, dipping your toes or catching a bomb – it’s an old and proven sea folk legend that the ocean has magical, mystical healing powers.

Waves for Change (W4C) is an award winning organisation that has been using surf therapy to change  and heal lives since 2011. Operating in three of Cape Town’s townships, the organisation works with local communities to deliver surfing and social support programmes. Improving the wellbeing of hundreds of youths as a result and helping them cope with the stress and trauma of living in violent communities .

Based on the success in Cape Town, W4C will now be expanding its programme to East London – and they are offering you the chance to be at the forefront of this new surf therapy movement. W4C are looking for a motivated, entrepreneurial Site Manager to launch and grow the programme together with the local Eastern Beach lifesavers.

Find out more about the new programme and job position on the W4C website HERE and download the job form HERE and apply! Dates for application close on the 6th September 2016.

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