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KZN Schools Surfing – Finals Day

Last week Friday, 8th June, saw the culmination of the KZN Schools Surfing down at Dairy Beach. The conditions throughout the season left a lot to be desired but the ocean was saving one helluva treat for the Tag Team Finals.

The waves were firing, and the lighties were frothing like rabid beasts, chewing on their leashes, ready to unleash a hellish fury on the face of any wave standing in the way of crowning them and their school top dawgs!

Four-foot peelers, styling airs, hard hacks and heavy blows off the lip triggered by those out in the line-up sent teammates on the sand into overdrive. The stage was set for a badass final, and a badass final is what we got. 

All Images supplied by Rhett Fox 

Tag Team Finalists:

1st – Clifton: 402 points

2nd – Northwood: 308 points

3rd – Westville: 202 points

4th – Michaelhouse: 131 points

5th – Crawford North Coast: 108 points

Individual Finalists:

1st place – Jared Hook: 9.5 & 7.0 (Northwood)

2nd place – James Ribbink: 8.0 & 7.5 (Clifton)

3rd place – Nathan Wallace: 6.5 & 2.0 (Northwood)

4th place – Karl Steen: 5.5 & 2.5 (Clifton)

Tag Finals outstanding surfers:

Jared Hook – 14.3 / 20 (Northwood)

James Ribbink – 11.8 / 20 (Clifton)

Karl Steen – 11.2 / 20 (Clifton)

Luke Perreira – 10.0 / 20 (Clifton)

A massive shout out to everyone involved behind the scenes and to each and every surfer who toughed out the season and a HUGE thank you to O’Neill, the main event sponsor, for hooking up all the finalists with some awesome prizes worth R 30’000. 


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