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KZN Schools Surfing – Top 20 Battle

The penultimate event of the KZN Schools Surfing calender went down last week Friday, 1st June 2018. It was a beautiful day with the winter sun gently caressing the back of the neck while the mildest cross shore fanned the flames of competition amongst the surfers skilled enough to crack top 20. The only element missing… swell.

Proceedings got underway on a pushing tide. The expectations were that once the swell filled in a little more the waves would pick up, providing a window for the rainbow coloured lineup to flair. Well, similar to a blind date there was an air of disappointment, where the waves were concerned, but not where the surfing was.

Dairy beach witnessed an exhibition of youthful exuberance, with the lighties getting on the end of anything and everything their stamina could enable. It was great to see that the future of KZN surfing was in good hands. As the day drew to a close and jerseys were donned the surfing just got better and better with eye-catching pieces of surfing oozing out of both semi-finals, and of course, the final. 

Here’s how it all went down: 

Semifinal 1:

Jared Hook (Northwood)

Nathan Wallace (Northwood)

Ant Pottow (Crawford North Coast)

Dom Southwood (Ashton)

Semifinal 2:

James Ribbink (Clifton)

Karl Steen (Clifton)

Fabian Marais (Northwood)

Brayden Bergset (Northwood)

Final – “The Clifton vs Northwood Grudge Match” Featuring:

Jared Hook & Nathan Wallace of Northwood

James Ribbink & Karl Steen of Clifton

The results of both finals will be released at the prize-giving this Friday, 8 June 2018, after the Tag Team Event. The venue still to be confirmed along the Durban Beachfront.

All images supplied by Rhett Fox

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  1. Caden
    7 June, 2018 at 9:59 pm · Reply

    Hello, my name is caden coetsee and I was in the semi final of the knz individual champs. I think there was a mix up between Dom Southwood and I??

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