16 April, 2018 16 April, 2018

KZN Schools Surfing Day 1 Wrap

Inter-Schools Surfing returns to KZN
Friday the 13th of April saw the start of the KZN Schools Surfing competition at Dairy Bowl in Durban. Comprised of 8 schools (Northwood, Glenwood, Westville, Crawford, George Campbell, Clifton, Ashton College, Michaelhouse) and two teams from Surfers Not Street Children the event creates a platform for KZN surfing youth to showcase their talent at a competitive level. 

On the day, conditions were far from ideal with a stiff onshore wind turning the wave into a sloppy, washy mess in front of the pump-house. However, sticking true to the grom spirit, the lighties got out there and gave it all they got and were able to piece together some solid runs in the shifty bowls, with a few individuals putting their hand up for the standout surfer of the day. 

The tag-team format sees 5 teams hit the water where they surf a 50-minute heat. Once a surfer out in the line-up has registered two solid waves they paddle ashore to tag in the next member of their team. No matter the conditions they surf. If the wind is howling, they surf, if it is pouring with rain, they surf, if it’s glassy and 8 foot… yep, you guessed it, they surf! 

This coming Friday at 3pm, the comp is set to return to the Dairy Bowl and run into its third heat, hopefully in better conditions. The program runs from April 13 25 May. Then the top 20 highest scoring surfers will compete in the Individuals Surf-Off on the 1st June. A week later on the 8th of June, is the tag Team final to crown the KZN champ. Until then, you can catch us every Friday at the Dairy Pump House. So pull in, come join us and show some support for the groms and suss out the talent of the next generation of KZN and South African surfing. 

Heat 1 in order:
Northwood A – 415 points 
Clifton B – 237 points
Ashton Ballito A – 217 points
Crawford North Coast A – 208 points
George Campbell A – 132 points
Heat 2 in order:
Westville A – 399 points
Clifton A – 368 points
Northwood B – 224 points
Crawford North Coast B – 123 points
Surfers Not Street Children – 65 points
Standout Surfer
Heat 1: Jared Hook from Northwood A – 17/20


All images supplied by Rhett Fox 

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