25 April, 2018 25 April, 2018

Going Coconuts in JHB

Speaking from experience, being removed from the salty sanctuary offered by the coast one could lapse into a state of delirium. Imagine replacing palm trees with street lights and long walks on the beach with congested highways. Sounds gnarly as hell, right? Moving up to the big smoke sometimes comes with a one-way ticket due to work pressures. All of us out in the line-up could probably list a handful of comrades who have fallen by the wayside, being relegated to season surfers. Only getting their hair wet 2-3 times a year after putting in leave.

Mind surfing can only offer so much at the end of the day, no wonder some of our surfing sisters and brothers go a little screwy when deprived of those orange and tangerine skies whilst out for a dawnie.  Below is a prime example of what being landlocked can do to a man.  The image above as well as the beauty you see below feature ‘Soul Surfer Stan’ aka Nathan Gernetsky, a former charger who had to relocate to JHB for graft. He may or may not have contracted what we have dubbed Gautengue Fever.  I’ll leave it up to you to make your own diagnoses. 

Both Images supplied by Tyerell Jordaan


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  1. Nathan
    25 April, 2018 at 3:21 pm · Reply

    Thanks Zag! Good write up. Help a brother our for the next Mozam mission. Best cure for Gautengue fever! I have a book in the making and the chapters are coming monthly on godboyocean.com Good shots Ty

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