3 May, 2018 3 May, 2018

Cape Town Bombs

Over the long weekend, the Western Cape was rocked with some sick swell. Now I’m not talking sniffles sick or pneumonia sick, but somewhere in between like sketchy seafood sick. You know, the stuff that gets you right in the gut, making your tummy turn. Well, maybe not for the dudes riding the waves you see in the gallery below, but for me most certainly. Anyway, one of the guys out there Mike Frew took time out from monitoring the beach replenishment operation in Durbs to get on the end of some bombs. We caught up with Mike this morning about how the session was out in the water:

“It was a medium size swell with really long lulls in the morning and not much wind around the whole day. The swell built in the afternoon and peaked a lot later than what was forecast. Standouts were Andy Marr, Mike Schlebach and Jake Kolnick, they each had a couple of bombs. I actually had my worst ever beating out there just before sunset, was in the impact zone for a huge six wave set. A whale made it’s way through the lineup while we were sitting there, was pretty magical, also a sunfish which is rare to see. A local penguin came through as well as a seal chomping on a crayfish in the lineup. All in all a pretty wild day out!”

The man behind the lens, Ant Fox also gave us a little rundown on how it looked from the other side of the fence: 

“It was a really good day out there to brush off the cobwebs for all the guys. Especially after a very uneventful summer waves wise. So the guys were making the most of it. Conditions were pretty tricky in the early morning with quite a bit of wind but easing off through the morning. Quite testing at times because the swell was kind of mixed with a west and a bit of south. But everyone was having a jol and it was great to see the old faces with plenty of new guys joining in through the morning. Hope to see more Durban guys out there when winter lights up.”


All Photographs Supplied by Ant Fox

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