6 September, 2019 6 September, 2019


It was a close call this month with some solid entries making their way through the comps@zigzag.co.za inbox. From 10-year-old kids filming & editing their very own production to stand up citizens being awarded environmental prizes of excellence. Phenomenal to see what the people of SA are doing out there to ensure our beaches are in top nic!

In the end, a winner had to be decided on… Ladies and gentlemen, please put your salty bits together for Sydni Parnell.

Actions speak louder than words, no supporting message to accompany her photo in the mail just some elbow grease showing through. No fanfare, self-promotion or gimmicks, just one helluva big effort.

Big shout out to Tuffy, M*A*T Surfboards and RYD Land & Sea for coming together this year to inject something new into the Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign. With more prizes up for grabs cleaning your beach never made more sense.

Bummed you missed out? Don’t be you still got the rest of the year to board the Clean Your Beach train! So get moving and get cleaning. Until next time, keep it clean, peace.


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  1. Sydni Parnell
    11 September, 2019 at 5:16 pm · Reply

    Thank you guys very much ! I shall continue to get these elbows greasy and collect that trash ~keeping our beaches clean and the therapeutic, beautiful places they are 💙🌊

  2. Daniel Solomon
    12 September, 2019 at 9:30 pm · Reply

    Well done Sydni! As last months winner I am truly stoked to see such an awesome effort. Enjoy the new surfboard.

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