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Vans Surf Pro Classic

Why we love the Vans Surf Pro Classic

It’s not to say that we dig one event over the other, certainly not, all the QS City Surf Series stops have been pretty dope so far but the Vans Surf Pro Classic holds a special place in our hearts. And for good reason. We’ve done the point thing. We’ve seen them pros drawing clean carves and high lines. Now it’s time for the best in SA to show their fins some love and set ‘em free. Here are four reasons why we love the Vans Surf Pro Classic. 

Tons of Waves Round Town

Farmer Burgers, Famous Last Words, Elands Bay! Damn. Lamberts has a wide selection of world-class waves a mere stone’s throw away. One minute you’re busting a couple of fin throws to make a heat, next, you’re hurtling your way down South Africa’s favourite left Point Break, or falling into a bottomed out death pit. If we love Lamberts for one particular reason, it’s that you could get some of the waves of your life, while waiting for the horn to sound and the lollipop to swing green before your next heat. 

Most High-Performance Wave on the (SA) QS Tour

Giving the swell doesn’t max out and stays in the 2-4ft region, Lamberts is probably the most rippable wave on the South African QS tour. We probably saw more people go for and land airs there last year than the entire SA QS tour combined. As much as we love point breaks, I mean South Africa is basically one huge point break connected by the N2, we certainly love seeing SA’s best going HAM on rippable, air-able beachies. 

One of the best things in surfing is a closeout section that bends toward you. Like a gift from above. And Lambert’s has it. The possibilities are endless. Laybacks, straight airs and Rotations. Dane Reynolds club sandwich things. We should have a prize for the person who belts the end section the hardest and a booby trap for the person who safety surfs the end section the worst.    

Like Stepping Back in Time

The first time my girlfriend and I went to Lamberts, we stepped into the Spar or whatever grocery store it was, and I swear, every person in that store stopped what they were doing, dropped their snoek and crayfish, and started staring at us. Perhaps they hadn’t seen a lot of mixed race couples before or maybe it was just cause we weren’t a regular face in the crowd, small towns tend to make you feel like that at times. Needless to say, hanging out in Lamberts Bay is like taking a step back in time. Maybe a couple steps back in time. The town probably exists and moves in pretty much the same way it did a hundred years ago. Named after Admiral Lambert of the British Navy who did a marine survey of the bay between 1826 and 1840, it was used as a lay-up for British warships during the war of 1900-1902. Chilling in Lamberts is a time warp experience that can only be explained or experienced once you’re there.

Seafood Aplenty

Lamberts Bay is most famous for its Crayfish Festival which takes place in March. This means seafood is aplenty in the town of Lamberts especially crayfish. The fish and crustaceans caught are pretty much what support this little town – good news for us. Aint nobody turning their nose up at some tasty seafood after a long days work banging the lip, well with exception to vegans. Remember Endless Summer II, when the late John Whitmore took Pat and Wingnut up the Weskus to surf Elands Bay? And in the evening they gorged themselves on crayfish and seafood at an open-air restaurant? Well, that restaurant still exists, it’s called Muisbosskerm, and the crayfish run the place. So while you’re in Lamberts, be sure to do it like the locals, and relish in the seafood.


Images Supplied by Alan van Gysen  

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