17 July, 2017 17 July, 2017

5 Surfers from Today’s Action

Connor O’Leary is Electric

Tell Zuma he doesn’t have to sell his soul to the Russians. Get Zuma on the line, let him know Eskom doesn’t need a bail out. Spread the word, let all the people of South Africa know, electricity prices are dropping! We’ve found a solution! Connor O’Leary. The only way to describe Conner’s backhand is ELECTRIC. If Conner ain’t your new fav goofy footed surfer. Best you address that issue. His backhand off-the-tops are something to behold. He’s a big powerful man, and the supers lip only respects big powerful turns. You need to kick that lip as hard as it’s trying to kick you. And did Connor rise to the occasion, yes he did. We can’t wait for his round 3 heat against Frederico Morais. It’s going to be an epic battle of the rookies.

Warning: High Voltage Area. Connor O’Leary blitzing the lip. Image: Greg Ewing

Kanoa Embarrassed by Filipe 

The most out-surfed award goes to Kanoa Igarashi. Filipe came to the party hot off been banned from Fiji for addressing the officials in a less than appealing manner thanks to an interference on Kanoa. Filipe wanted to send a message. Make a statement. He wanted to embarrass Kanoa, and that he did. All he needed was a pitch fork and a tail to match that red wetsuit, cause he dragged Kanoa to the darkest depths of a hopeless combination hell that not even Jake Patterson could’ve saved him from.

Throw in a pitch fork and a tale, Filipe was evil out there. Absolutely destroying waves. Image: Ewing

Beautifully Boring

I think Julian must be the most stylishly boring surfer at Supers (today). So beautiful to watch, so easy on the eyes, but beauty only gets you so far. It’s like initiating a relationship and after two months realising that there’s nothing much more to this person. He/she does everything right. Always taking out the dirt on time, making greek salads for dinner and always doing the dishes. But sometimes in a relationship you need a bit of grit, a bit of dirtiness in your partner. You want her/him to try radical stuff, push the limits a bit, see how far he/she can go. Julian got scores today by placing the right turns in the right places and linking them right. It was beautiful surfing, but damn, we could use with some dirt. You freakin have a whole 500m to do something filthy, and we all know Julian’s got the talent, it’s the least he could do for us plebs on the beach.

Julian Wilson Image: Ewing

Leonardo Feels at Home

There’s a wonderful little Italian Restaurant here in J-Bay called Quichys. They make some of the best pizza we’ve ever tasted. Absolutely delicious. The owners haven’t been blessed with any interior designer flair, because damn that place has some interesting décor ideas made evident, but that matters nothing once your Pizza arrives. The point is that Leonardo Fiarovanti must’ve eaten there last night, because he surfed Supers like it was a wind swell Italian beach break. Right at home he was, throwing down some gorgeous rail work. And highlining at the perfect times. We opted to put Conner Coffin in our Fantasy Surfer Team over Leonardo, let’s see if Leonardo make us regret that decision.    

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