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2018 Grom Games

Photographer: Petronel Posthumus/ Surfer: Cape Town Surfriders

The Springboard Effect

Thursday afternoon and we’re at the infamous Pipeline in Port Elizabeth to find a million little groms hustling ‘round on skateboards tryna ollie and kickflip the curb. The atmosphere amongst the groms is Christmas come early, frothing at the mouth! Their mates are in school grinding away at algebra and lord knows what other curricula activities provided by the department of education, while they have the good fortune of fooling around on the beach in their wetsuits under the blazing African sun. All damn day.

Photographer: Petronel Posthumus/ Surfer: Daniel Toerien

The 2018 Grom Games sponsored by Sea Harvest presented by Sports & Recreation marks the 26th annual Grommet Games. The games compromises of eight different districts countrywide and covers all the South African transformation criteria. The winning district gets a slot as the development team at SA Junior Champs in Jeffreys Bay. The idea behind the grom games is to create a safe space, a haven if you will, where young budding talents can be nurtured and developt. A space for kids who aren’t good enough to make their respective provincial teams but still want to surf competitively. I mean realistically, how many hidden gems have fallen through the cracks simply because their first heat ended in disaster? 

Photographer: Petronel Posthumus/ Surfer: Jess van Skaik

“What’s inspiring about the Grom Games is that all the districts go out and search for groms who wouldn’t have otherwise been introduced to the competitive surfing world. And through that, these kids become ‘surfers’. The event aims to create core surfers, committed to the sport.” Stated Alex Milne, contest director and SSA Operations Manager. 

The Grom Games serves as a springboard, a starting block to becoming a world-class competitive surfer. Who knows, you might start out at Grom Games and next minute you’re on the World Tour. MFeb did it. So can you.

Photographer: Petronel Posthumus/ Surfer: Jason Arendse


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  1. gary
    25 March, 2018 at 2:26 pm · Reply

    Sure, all fun and games, after all,we’re just grooming kids to buy more surf products.
    Nothing wrong with that.
    As long as everything is based on merit and not colour,then we’re heading in the right direction.
    After all…a 2.5 score is a 2.5 score and and an 8.5 will always be an 8.5….regardless of whos surfing it.
    God help us all if that criteria changes…

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