21 June, 2019 21 June, 2019

Peter Lawson The Boeing 


Peter Lawson 


The Boeing is Davey Van Zyl’s go to board from 4 to solid 10 feet. All of my customers that travel to Indo, Mentawais, J-Bay etc. rave about this board. The nose is fuller and it’s wider under the chest making the paddle in to steep late drops easy. The tail is slightly narrower and the thickness of the rail from the centre tapers through to the tail. Low entry rocker with a single concave into double but with a slight vee in the last 6” of the tail. All of this combined gives you speed and control in the tube but is super manoeuverable on the open face of the bigger waves. 


peterlawsonsurfboards@vodamail.co.za CELL: (+27) 82 441 5374
ADDR: 49 Milne St, Durban, above Cool Runnings 

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