2 September, 2016 2 September, 2016

Sequence Of The Week – Phil Nel

Biokineticist and Boland shredder Phil Nel recently scored plenty of hollow gems in Nias. This drainer saw Phil disappear behind the white curtain for a good few frames, resulting in a brilliant and very envy inducing sequence. Palm trees, big barrels and the tropics – find out more about Phil Nel’s slice of paradise in this week’s Sequence Of The Week. Click images for full size…


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  1. Susan, the post that inspired me was July 14th’s post. “How to Help Someone Through The Process of Grief and Loss. We have been studying it in our small group at church. The book we are studying is “Crisis and Trauma Counseling by Dr. H. Norman Wright. Our pastors know this author.But almost all of your posts have spoken to me one way or another. Thank you.

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