9 December, 2011 9 December, 2011

Travis Logie, Pipe Masters

When the ground beneath you is rumbling from a 12-foot lip exploding on the beach at Pipe, there’s not much that separates the top 32 surfers in the world. While there’s no doubt that they are all unbelievably good surfers, what exactly is it that makes Kelly an 11-time world champ, and Dane Reynolds unable to close out an event? It’s got a lot to do with fighting spirit and contest savvy, and Travis Logie has both in spades. He’s used it to fight his way back onto the World Tour time and again after bad runs, horrible judging calls and two career threatening injuries. He did it again yesterday at Pipe against a more fancied opponent in Bruce Irons, and so lives to fight another day on the World Tour. SA surfing is all the better for it.

Travis gets his head in the game shortly before his encounter with Bruce at life-threateningly heavy Pipe.


Image © Shauna Logie

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