30 January, 2012 30 January, 2012

Josh Redman, Late Season Hawaii

While interest in the happenings along Oahu’s North Shore may wane after the completion of the Pipe Masters in mid December, it in no way means that the waves don’t continue to pour through along the seven mile miracle, and quite often some of the best winter sessions usually happen in late January or February.

You’ll also usually find a solid crew of Saffas on the Rock during late season, frothing to get a couple of waves out at the prime spots like Pipe, Backdoor and Off-The-Wall, as well as charging the mountains of Waimea and Sunset when they start to block out the horizon.

J-Bay’s Steven Sawyer has just returned from his late season trip. Shaun Joubert is back for a second stint, as well as to surf in the 5-Star Volcom Pipe Pro along with Rudy Palmboom, Brandon Jackson and Matt Bromley. Twiggy has been spotted rushing Jaws, waiting for the Eddie event to get the green light, and Frank Solomon and Josh Redman have skipped over from San Francisco, straight into the thick of the action. Josh Redman casually gets into the swing of things at Off-The-Wall on a medium-sized day.

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