3 May, 2018 3 May, 2018

What is this, a wavepool for ants?

Jordy Smith, power surfer of note. Its gotta be generated from his lurch like 6’3 ft frame, right? Unless it’s the hair, it’s beautiful. Well, his physique may serve him well when tucking into some Man-Bear sized pits, but at slaters Wave Ranch, ummmm not so much. 

“It’s just too small for me out there, especially on the lefts. I can’t really fit in the barrel, and it’s hard to do proper turns on the steep sections” Jordy stated in the aftermath of the Future Classic event, last year.

Jordy is set to captain Team Worlds in this weekend’s forthcoming Founders’ Cup. This coming as a result of his form over the last couple years, the man has been trading blows with the best. But, when you get into it, Jordy is probably the surfer very least-suited to the ranch. Hell, Jordan even had to change out his regular board for a weird Tomo shape, off the Firewire-filled racks at the Surf Ranch. 

Don’t get us wrong, Jordy can still tear the wave apart it’s just tucking into the barrel that seems to just not suit the guy. 


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