10 October, 2011 10 October, 2011

Whale washes ashore at Umhlanga

A humpback whale calf an estimated 7.5 metres in length has washed up on Umhlanga’s main beach in front of the Pearls development. Initial reports suggested that the whale was already dead when it washed ashore, but we’ve just received word from someone on the scene that the whale is still alive.

“It’s pretty sad, It is still alive but it’s looking bleak for the little guy.” said Brandon Bradley who was on the scene witnessing the attempted rescue of the calf, “I could not get too close, but it looked like it was about 6 or 7 metres long. They are waiting for the high tide to drag it off the shorebreak and hopefully save it. But I suspect it is going to die.”

The Sharks Board are on hand to assess the situation, and are looking at towing the whale back out to sea when the tide fills in.

Tim Lombard snapped these images of the whale shortly after it washed ashore.

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