5 December, 2018 5 December, 2018


This year the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival hosts the third iteration of their filmmaker’s masterclass presented by Wesgro. The masterclass will bring together some of South Africa’s top Directors, Producers, and Editors, as well as the Documentary Filmmaker’s Association and FILM Cape Town, for a frank discussion of the issues around being a documentary filmmaker in South Africa.

Challenges abound for the South African filmmaker: small budgets, lack of international distribution options and poor local broadcaster support. However, one thing we have at our disposal is a wealth of story material. In 2018, the Wavescape Filmmakers masterclass will showcase the work of documentary filmmakers who are actively mining the countries deep seams of possibility for powerful and relevant stories. It is important and topical work, which, according to the Documentary Filmmakers Association of South Africa ‘stimulates public discourse, reflects on social, political, cultural and current events, explores history, commemorates heritage and unearths the mysteries of the universe and the planet.”

But what makes a good documentary and how does one become a documentary filmmaker? Is it a viable career for a young person interested in storytelling in South Africa? These are some of the themes that will be looked at in this year’s masterclass, as our esteemed panelist’s present snapshots of the industry as seen through the lens of their own experience.

Date:                5 December 2018
Time:                6.30 to 9pm (free with refreshments)
Venue:              Invest SA One Stop Shop, Western Cape
Address:           Cape Sun Corner, 46 St. Georges Mall, Cape Town
Parking:            Picbel Parkade, 58 Strand Street, Cape Town Centre (For own account)




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